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Another upgrade post!  We love our couples, and want to continue bringing our best in service & skill.  By having the best tools at our disposal, it’s one more way we make it an amazing night!

August 7, 2016

SoundFire DJ at Jerika's prom.

Jerika’s Prom setup. For those wondering about the mirror ball, we gave it as a gift to Jerika & Jen after this event. If you do like the look of the mirror ball though, let us know!
Wedding at the Woodwalk Gallery

The gorgeously rustic Woodwalk Gallery in Door County! With our elegant Premier service as a tasteful juxtaposition.
This is a big one!  After 6 years of our trusty QSC system, we have upgraded to the top of the line powered JBL speaker system.  Our QSC system is tuned to perfection to give amazing sound for our more intimate events, and will therefore still be the system used for our Streamlined service, and sometimes our Streamlined+ service depending on the venue (due to size or loading restrictions).  
For most Streamlined+, and all Premier clients we will be using our JBL SRX800 series system.  These things are serious!  They won the ProSoundWeb 2015 Reader’s Choice Award for best powered loudspeakers.  That’s a big deal, because the readers of that site are the people who do touring sound for some of the biggest stars in the country.  

We premiered (no pun intended) this system at Jerika’s prom, then had it at the Woodwalk Gallery the next day as pictured here.  What you don’t see in the Woodwalk picture (but can see in Jerika’s prom setup) are the 2-way 15″ top speakers off to the sides of this image.  The whole system sounds incredible!  

This system is primarily for our larger weddings, or for those that want the ultimate sound system.  You’ll love it from the first note you hear.

When possible Streamlined+ couples will have 1 of the dual 18″ subwoofers and the two 15″ tops, while Premier clients will have both dual 18″ subwoofers (as pictured above – that’s 4 18″ subwoofers – music you can feel in your bones!) and the two 15″ tops.  

Now if y’all want to party like we do, if y’all want to party like us, lemme hear ya say – SoundFire DJ!

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