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Special Events


Homecoming, prom, snowball, sade hawkins, and more!  These are the high school events where memories are made for a lifetime. SoundFire DJ is committed to the success of your school dance.  We will help you with ticket sales strategies (Want to sell more tickets than previous years?  We know how to help.), online presence via Facebook events page, and live publicity at your school.  We will even do a lunchtime jam session to give your student body a preview of the fun they will have to encourage attendance.

We will openly communicate and work with your staff advisor to ensure the event falls within appropriate guidelines.  We only use clean edits for all of our music, and we include the latest hits, while giving your school staff final approval over our playlist.  It’s a win-win situation when you get an awesome show, that’s school approved.


Attendance is key: A party isn’t fun unless you have a good group of people. In recent years dance attendance across the country has been on the decline. This is mostly due to the quality of entertainment not being as exciting as what students expect these days. It takes a great entertainer, with a great show, and quality interaction. SoundFire DJ knows how to bring this to your dance, and is working to stay ahead of the trends, while building a bigger, more exciting show, year after year.
Sadly, this is what some people believe is all it takes to DJ. A DJ show is supposed to be like a concert where you get to here lots of different artists. You can’t do concert sound on home speakers.

Entertainment is key: Even at weddings 81% of guests respond that the entertainment, for better or worse, is the most memorable part of the event. At school dances this number is 99% as the entertainment plays an even more prominent role. It’s imperative that you have quality entertainment at school dance functions. This will improve attendance, which increases the amount of tickets sold, improves the school’s profile and reputation, and ensures better attendance for future events.


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