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The ingredients we bring to you to create a next-level wedding experience.

Authentic, genuine, and heartfelt. Every word is spoken with intent, and every song is played to delight you and your audience. Your special day deserves nothing less. We care about the success of your wedding day as if it was our own, and we want you and your guests to feel genuinely connected to the experience. It matters.
If you wanted Spotify or iTunes you wouldn’t hire a DJ. Therefore, the point of a DJ is to have someone who can create something you wouldn’t be able to on your own, something beyond “DJ Double-Click”. We felt it was LONG overdue for Northeast Wisconsin to have a Wedding DJ service that can provide the type of musical experience you typically only find in high-end nightclubs. And we felt this way back in 2012. The comments we hear not only from our couples, but also from the wedding professionals who have heard the usual DJs are words like, “I’ve never heard a DJ this good that can mix music like that before except when I’ve been out to Vegas. This is WAY better than what we’re used to, and even we wanted to get out and dance!”

Here’s the proof – DJ Altimate, our lead DJ, was invited out to Las Vegas in early 2022 to perform for other DJs at the Mobile Entertainment Expo! Here’s his performance:

Want to listen more? Here’s one of his popular mixshows!
Classy, eloquent, genuine, and sincere. We leave the cheese to the charcuterie board. There’s a difference between someone “just making announcements” that guests will end up ignoring, and having a confident, competent, Master of Ceremonies that your guests will trust & appreciate leading them through the reception.
With SoundFire DJ you will know who you’ll be working with up front, and get to build a relationship with them. That way the professionals you have at your wedding will be a familiar face to help you feel at ease!

We mention this because some DJ companies don’t introduce you to your actual DJ until weeks, or sometimes days, before your wedding! To us, that’s not ok.
The experience we create at your reception is unlike any other in Northeast Wisconsin – not only do our couples say this, but so do some of the most seasoned wedding professionals who have seen our work. LET’S MAKE SOME AWESOME MEMORIES TOGETHER!!!


The process behind producing every wedding we do.


"A wedding is more than just a party. There is meaning, context, tradition, and emotion. On top of creating a next-level music & dance floor experience, we also want to work with you to create moments that are as life-changing as the day you met your spouse."

We HATE the word “average” (we don’t do average), however, to talk numbers, the average SoundFire DJ Wedding investment is between $3,000-$4,500, and our full catalogue of services ranges from $8,995 to as low as $2,495*.

  • Remember: your investment is based on location, date, DJ, and details specific to your event—no two weddings are the same. Some of our DJs book up to 24 months in advance, so we suggest inquiring about your wedding date as early as possible.
  • See our About Us page to see starting prices for each of our performers, or, if you urgently wish to have your event evaluated for stronger consideration, schedule a 15-minute consultation (don’t worry we set aside up to an hour for you if our conversation runs longer)!
  • We have only a couple spots left for 2024, 2025 dates are going quickly, and we’re beginning to consider couples for 2026!

Where most DJ companies will ask you to choose between options like “good, better, best”, we instead always give you the best, and offer you a variety of styles/designs to match the look you want for your reception. Have an idea that you don’t see below? Get in touch and we’ll work with you to find the right aesthetic!


Our signature look. We are the first in Northeast Wisconsin to offer this incredible Wedding DJ light show that illuminates from the 4 corners of the dance floor! This effect is created with warm-glow totems topped with theatrical grade moving head spotlights.

This option is unique because it offers several ways it can be setup.  It’s designed to integrate with your room and decor, and it’s absolutely perfect if you have a “center stage” dance floor.  There are many creative ways we could use this option with your service.

Luminance Wedding DJ service from SoundFire DJ at the Oshkosh Convention Center


  The best events are about more than just the music. For our rock star couples that want the ultimate party with a festival dance floor feel and an all-encompassing experience matched only by SoundFire DJ’s unparalleled hospitality. It definitely doesn’t feel like your average wedding DJ!  
SoundFire DJ's Brilliance Setup at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay, WI


Our most popular option!

Our most popular Wedding DJ option to compliment the majority of weddings in both price and style. Aurora provides the essentials of our Luminance package for small venues and events.

SoundFire DJ's Aurora Wedding DJ Package at Riverview Gardens in Appleton, WI


This service emphasizes the “less is more” approach when it comes to a Wedding DJ’s lighting and setup. You’ll appreciate the ample dance floor lighting without detracting from the delicate ambiance you desire.


SoundFire DJ Ember Wedding Service at Rockwood Terrace Titletown


Let’s cut right to the chase. This service includes:
  • Your choice of either the *Luminance* or *Brilliance* Reception Service
  • Ceremony Services (indoor, outdoor, onsite, offsite *within mileage*, doesn’t matter)
  • Digital Photobooth
  • Uplighting
  • Dancing on a Cloud
  • Your choice of Animated or Static Monogram
  • Video Montage
  • Two Additional Screens
  • Multi-Room Sound
  • Best of all, you get our lead DJ & MC – DJ Altimate (subject to availability)
We make it possible for you to have it ALL at your wedding for a special price! Inquire to find out!!


All WEDDING DJ Entertainment Options Include:

– *Everything needed to have a successful wedding reception in most banquet halls and event spaces. We also specialize in working with non-traditional spaces (i.e. barns, outdoor spaces, unique venues, etc.). Inquire for more info!

– Coverage of your event from the time guests arrive at your reception until the end of the event. In most cases our only time limit is midnight.

– Creative planning – we are here to help you every step of the way with your wedding planning.  Even if it isn’t DJ related!  We’ve helped lots of couples with tips for planning their day, and we’re happy to let you pick our brains any time.

– An extremely clean-looking, professional setup – The ideal for your wedding.

– Fully insured

– The latest music with clean edits. Get lit without offending Grandma & Grandpa!

– Backup equipment to keep the party going. Our backup equipment is equal to our main equipment so there’s no loss in quality!

– Early setup so that your guests experience a seamless entrance into your reception. Your reception should never be ruined by the sight of a vendor still setting up.

– VERY IMPORTANT: We know how to work with your photographer’s lighting to get the absolute best wedding album photos – this is very unique to SoundFire DJ.


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wedding SERVICEs that can be added to any wedding DJ package:

Wedding ceremonies

Our couples RAVE about how perfect their wedding ceremonies are with us. Check out this quick, 3-minute video to learn more!

We are same-sex friendly

same sex male couple dancing together for their first wedding dance
Same Sex Brides couple dancing together


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