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To say it simply: in-depth personalization. The question we’re asked quite frequently by guests at weddings is, “You know the couple awfully well! How long have you known them?” The reason why is that our focus is you from day one. Personalization of your event extends from what we say on the microphone to what we expertly mix during your dance. It’s not about us. It’s about you and your guests, and everything we do is focused through this philosophy while creating & providing your experience.

In a word: no. As far as DJing goes, the laptop is there purely for management of our music library, to output video (if we have our new & amazing Video DJ booth at your event), and to display song information (such as key & BPM – if you know what this is you’re clearly a music major). All sound processing, and DJ artisty is done using professional DJ & Live Sound instruments. The ONLY way, in our humble opinion, to create an authentic DJ experience is by using tools of the trade with great skill. When you see us at an event we will be live mixing with either a controller, CDJs, or kickin’ it old-school with vinyl on the ones & twos! It’s the only way to create the exciting moments on the dance floor when everyone is screaming, “OHHHHHHH!!!!!” when that next song drops at the perfect moment in the perfect way.

Picking your DJ & MC is a huge decision. This is the person who is going to represent you on a microphone in front of your friends & family on one of the biggest days of your life! You want to make sure they will represent you well with their personality and style. It’s only fair & right that you know who that’s going to be up front. Here at SoundFire DJ we clearly communicate who will be your DJ & MC, and are happy to provide the opportunity to meet with them BEFORE you book. Just ask!

Easy, simple, stress-free, and fun! In our experience with couples planning their weddings, the biggest stressor they feel is the “fear of the unknown”. After our planning meetings we constantly get the comment “This is a huge relief!!” We know how to help you find the right answers to make your plans become a reality, and we’ll even help you get connected with the right wedding pros outside of our company if that’s what it takes! We provide online-planning for the easy parts such as: “What are your favorite/least-favorite songs?” and “What time does dinner start?” but for the more in-depth ideas, that’s where we give you our one-on-one undivided attention.

  • We are the ONLY company in Northeast Wisconsin with Marbecca MC training. It’s the only mobile DJ-focused training to produce a professional broadcast-ready level of performance with in-depth personalization, and it’s what makes our microphone work second to none.
  • We are the FIRST company in Northeast Wisconsin to serve on a board of directors for a nationally recognized and attended educational conference for DJs. So you could say we’re a high-end DJ company that trains other DJ companies that want to be high end too.
  • To date, and to our knowledge, we are the only DJ company in Northeast Wisconsin to have been selected to perform as the house DJ for a nationally recognized & attended educational DJ conference. DJ who DJs for other DJs!!
  • Our personnel go through 6 months of shadowing events, 8 weeks of in-company training, must attend at least 1 training outside of our company, and must pass a rigid skills performance/exam before they are cleared to perform at any event. The highest standards! We don’t want no scrubs…
  • Multiple award-winning service based on reviews from couples just like you.

Yes. To a fault.

Alton, the owner & founder of SoundFire DJ, is responsible for creating the largest Emergency Request network for DJs in the state of Wisconsin that is carefully screened to only allow the most reputable professionals. Not only do we have dedicated contacts in case of emergency, we have this network as well.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. A contract secures your date, protects your investment, and provides a guarantee of services. Do not work with anyone who doesn’t provide a contract!

Yes! We have literally covered every corner of the state of Wisconsin, and even events in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! Destinations of 200 miles, or more, round-trip from Green Bay, will require accommodations for an overnight stay. Events of over 80 miles round-trip do incur a small mileage fee. Use zip code 54301 to calculate the distance to your destination using any popular mapping utility. For destination weddings that require a flight please contact us for details!

As an in-demand company, our average booking is done 12-18 months prior to the event date. Within 12 months of your date? Inquire anyway. There’s always a chance we may have your date open, and if we don’t we’ll help you get connected with one of our worthy competitors.

We HATE the word “average” (we don’t do average), however, to talk numbers, the average SoundFire DJ Wedding investment is around $3,924, and ranges from $8,995 to as low as $2,495*.

See each of our performer’s starting price on our About Us page.

Join our waitlist here, or, for more immediate needs, give us a call at 920-383-3231.

Okay, this isn’t a frequently asked question, but it should be! DJs that don’t carry insurance put you at risk. We carry liability coverage for every event we do.

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