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Shawna and Baillie’s Fall Wedding at Gather on Broadway

November 16, 2021

Shawna and Baillie's Fall Wedding at Gather on Broadway

A beautiful day set the scene for a beautiful couple, as guests gathered to celebrate Shawna and Baillie. After a clever adjustment of the hexagon display, Gather on Broadway was ready to rock! The hanging chandeliers and floral arrangements from Petal Pusher made for an elegant scene, with the energetic addition of glowing neon lights!

Queens Table for a wedding at Gather on Broadway with a neon sign backdrop
Uplighting, elegant queens table, neon sign with their last name, and a beautiful space to put it in.

Now, they were having the time of their lives celebrating their marriage, and clearly so were the guests!

Shawna and Baillie met as a dispatcher and an officer in July of 2018. Now, they were having the time of their lives celebrating their marriage, and clearly so were the guests! With our simply elegant Ember package, you could hardly see the dance floor as “Don’t Stop Believing” played. Friends and family filled the room with the highest of energy, all the way from “Don’t Stop Me Now to Don’t Stop The Party.”

Packed Dance Floor at the end of the night with Shawna & Baillie at Gather on Broadway. Some guests have their cell phones in the air with their lights on.

Throughout the entire night, guests poured out their support and excitement for the happy couple. Emily Megan Photography and videographer Mason Sterr made sure to capture every special moment. Just by looking at the group photos, you can feel the love! (And the incredibly fun energy!)

End of the night crowd for Shawna & Baillie at the Gather on Broadway

For the final song, “Sound of da Police” by KRS-One was played. It was a hit, and Baillie especially loved it! There couldn’t have been a more perfect way to wrap up the night!

Shawna and Baillie, we had an incredibly fun experience celebrating with you, your family and friends! We wish you all the best on the wonderful road ahead. Thank you for choosing Soundfire DJ to be a part of your special day, it was an honor!

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