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Jerika’s Prom

July 26, 2016

While not directly wedding related, I wanted to write about this a little here on the blog.  

Yes, we do events like this at least once a year, and this has certainly been the most high profile of any of them.  The reason I want to talk about it is because it has a lot to do with what SoundFire DJ’s philosophy has been for a few years now – and that is it’s all about meeting our client’s vision while helping them to create beautiful memories.  

Jerika, if you do read this, I want to start out by saying how brave I think you are, and I respect your decision.  You have a beautiful, bright spirit, and you’ve touched my life forever.  Thank you for that, and thank you for choosing SoundFire DJ to be a big part of this amazing event.  As we have cited in previous articles, DJs are responsible for 80% of the success of weddings.  When it’s a prom or dance, that responsibility shoots up to about 95%.  We don’t take that lightly.

Jerika was in a unique situation as she had several DJs come forward to help her and her mom with her prom.  I’m sure most, if not all, like myself, offered to do this at no charge, and I happen to know that a couple of the other DJs that came forward were good, reputable companies.  I’m honored that they chose SoundFire DJ.  I never asked explicitly why they chose us, but Jen (Jerika’s mother) must have felt we were the best fit for their vision.

Their vision, and all of our couple’s/client’s vision is what is most important to us when planning and working at an event.  We don’t focus on other DJs, we don’t focus on our gear (other than to make sure it adequately fits the size of your party, and fits your vision), and we don’t focus on what we get out of it.  Our main focus is you, your night, and the memories you take with you.  

For Jerika, I’m proud to say we achieved that; along with the help of some wonderful people that came together, both in the community, and across the country.  The memories we were a part of helping to create that day are something that can never be taken away from Jerika, Jen, and all that were in attendance.  They are the priceless feelings and thoughts that can only happen through experiencing life in the moment.  

I wanted to give Jerika & Jen one more thing after the prom, the mirror ball we used that night, and stopped by their house to set it up for them so they could enjoy it.  I asked Jen if there was anything else I could do to help, she said, “Can we have another prom this weekend?”  She could not have given a better compliment.  

I’ve said it several times: what an honor it has been to be a part of this.  Jerika & Jen you’re in my prayers, and, from the bottom of my heart, thank you again for trusting SoundFire DJ.

​- Alton

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