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April 1, 2014

We’re going to give one of our first pro tips about DJ’s today.  It’s not only something that frustrates nearly every DJ, but it is also one of the biggest mistakes people make when picking out a DJ or any other service provider.  The first question a DJ usually gets asked is, “How much do you charge?”  Hiring any professional for your wedding is like doing a job interview.  Think about any job interview you’ve been in.  The money is almost always one of the very last things to come up, and for good reason too.

Here are some much better questions to ask, and further proof why price is always the last question you should ask. 

1. Please tell me about you and your services?
Not all DJs are the same.  Different personalities, levels of experience, background, and more is why some DJs work for some weddings & parties and others don’t.  You want to be able to have a good relationship with your DJ so personality is key, and you don’t want to leave your important day in the hands of someone inexperienced.

2. May I see you perform at another wedding?
Here’s a trick question that instantly tells you if you have an amateur or a pro.  If they are willing to let you crash another person’s wedding, who will they let show up to yours?  If they say “Yes” to this politely decline and move on.

3. Do you like to dance?
If you have a DJ that doesn’t like to dance chances are that DJ will stay in the booth all night. At the same time you hope they’re not over the top too. Most wedding parties want an entertainer that is going to interact with the crowd and keep the party going. Make sure your DJ matches your style.

4. Are you insured?
A lot of wedding reception halls are starting to clamp down on DJs not being insured.  This is one of those things that brides don’t find out about until about a week before their wedding.  Then the DJ can’t play, and the bride are groom are scrambling to find someone else who is insured that is free on short notice.  Icing on the cake:  you’re probably going to lose your deposit from the DJ too.

Lastly, use your instinct.  If you have a good feeling with the DJ set up a meeting with them to sit down face to face.  Chances are you’ll meet at a coffee shop and get free coffee during your meeting (you will with us).

After reviewing what you talked about on the phone, then it is the best time to start talking about price for three reasons.  
First, you can read the DJ a little better to make your decision.  If they seem confident and well-spoken, that’s a good sign.  If they’re nervous and fumbling their words, you may want to reconsider.
Second, if the price sounds good based on the value and talent they bring most DJs will have the ability to get your date secured on the spot.
Third, the DJ will want to book your wedding as well, and this is a good time to negotiate services.  Don’t expect them to throw things in for free, but they should be able to flex or tweak their packages to work with you (i.e. If the DJ includes certain lighting you don’t need, can you get a discount if it isn’t used?)

We hope this pro tip helps you be more successful when picking out a DJ.  Our goal is that we want you to have the best wedding, and the best customer service.  If you have a date coming up just send us a message to check our availability!

P.S. This is what can happen when you make selecting your DJ all about price:

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