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Wedding Trends You’ll See In 2023: Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

December 29, 2021

A new year is coming in hot, and so are 2023 weddings! If you’re planning for a 2023 wedding of your own, you’re in the right place. Here are the best wedding trends to inspire you and set you up for success!

Setting the Scene


Outdoor weddings have become a crowd favorite in the past couple of years. When Covid-19 made it hard for large groups to gather in 2020, outdoor weddings became a popular solution. Getting married in a forest or in a garden is a great idea for magical photos! Couples also enjoy an outdoor ceremony followed by an indoor reception. Take advantage of this wedding trend as a great technique for getting a break from bugs in the woods or preventing sunburns at the beach!

Young couple holds hands during wedding outdoor wedding ceremony
hanging centerpiece with pink and white flowers

Thanks to its inviting, uplifting and clean characteristics, “natural contemporary” has become a go-to wedding trend & style. Natural contemporary is an aesthetic blend of modern and traditional elements in natural tones. Neutral palettes consist of colors like white, tan, and gold. You can easily plan the perfect scheme by combining a gorgeous color with natural tones, such as: green/gold/white or lavender/gray/white.

Once the setting and color scheme are picked out, it’s time to decorate! Hanging centerpieces create a dream-like ambiance (and more table space) by hanging floral centerpieces above where they would sit on the table.

Wedding Dresses

Natural contemporary dresses are jaw-dropping, innovative styles that pull inspiration from tradition. If you’re not a fan of wearing dresses, pant suits are a 2023 trend you’ll love! Wedding pant suits have the traditional elegance of a dress with a modern structure. It’s hard to resist a wedding look that features pockets! Contemporary looks usually have a relaxed-mermaid structure that’s called “trumpet silhouette” like the dress below. 

wedding dress with v-neck shaped top and solid white bottom

Thrifty Approaches

It’s definitely a wedding trend to save money where you can while spending money where it counts! How does a memorable experience for a lower cost sound? Excellent? That’s what we thought. Here’s some clever ones that are too good not to share:

Baby Succulents

Aesthetic decorations by day, gifts your guests will love by night: The Baby Succulent! These adorable plants are inexpensive ways to give your wedding a memorable twist.

Rented Dresses

For those who want to look expensive but don’t want to break the bank on a dress you’ll only wear for one day, renting is the perfect solution! Brides and Bridesmaids alike get to reap the benefits.

DIY Decorations

This trend is basically a money saving party, which, how can you say no to that? Crafting decorations can save a lot of money, and can be a lot of fun if you get your friends involved. Whip out your cheese board and put together a trendy, geometric arch!

Perfect Snapshots

 Take your wedding pictures to the next level by thrifting props! You could hang some gold frames as a backdrop or get some spunky vintage chairs for guests to sit on. Maybe you’ll find some fancy candle holders while you’re at it!

overview off various baby succulents on a white table

When you’re planning a wedding, it can be hard to manage all the factors. That’s why in 2022, we let professionals manage the details we don’t have enough time or experience for. From floral to photography, there’s a whole world of vendors to lean on. When picking vendors, you’ll want to work with a company that gets to know you well enough to make your day perfect for you. If that sounds good to you, check us out here at Soundfire DJ! We can show up to your 2022 wedding with the experience, tools, and passion to make your day perfect!

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