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19 Alternatives to Tapping a Glass for Weddings

October 7, 2020

19 Alternatives to Tapping a Glass for Weddings

We all know the familiar sound of the “tink tink tink” that a fork or knife makes when struck against a champagne flute. It either means one of two things:

  1. Someone’s about to toast
  2. Someone’s about to kiss

For point number 1. it’s still an acceptable practice, but for point 2. more couples are opting out of this tradition while turning to more personalized or alternative means to having their guests signal them to kiss.

If you’re one of those couples that would like to make your celebration a little more unique, here are 19 alternatives to tapping, or “clinking”, a glass to signal a kiss.

1. The French Toast

Giving wedding advice to the couple - SoundFire DJ

Guests offer their best piece of marriage advice to the couple. If the couple likes the advice they share a kiss. If they don’t, the person giving the advice kisses their date. If they don’t have a date, they sing a love song. This brings us to our next idea!

2. Sing a Love Song

Female black singer singing a love song.

This is a great activity for soloists or groups! Get the whole table involved serenading the guests and the couple! Rules are it must be a love song, or a song with the word “love” in it. Even, “I love it when you call me Big Poppa” is acceptable!

3. Lip Sync Battle

This is especially fun, and a great option if you don’t want to be interrupted as much during dinner since most people are a little shy about doing this. However, for those that are your natural performers, they will get your crowd going!! Rules are simple, the DJ (or band) picks a song for your guest to lip sync (IMPORTANT: the guest DOES NOT get to choose), and then the guest puts on their best performance. No mic is required! If the audience likes the performance, the bride and groom shares a kiss! This can even evolve into a contest – we’ve had it happen where tables competed, or even the bridesmaids vs. the groomsmen!

4. The Donation Basket

Wedding Basket for Donations

Perhaps there’s a good cause for which you feel compelled to help. Maybe it’s a family member’s medical bills, or a charity that you’re passionate about. One way you can help, and eliminate the sound of glass on metal is by taking up a donation! Make sure your guests know where the money is going, and remember – the bigger the donation, the bigger the kiss!

5. They Kiss, You Kiss

This is a simple, yet effective alternative to glass clinking. Depending on how daring your guests are you may be witnessing some steamy kisses! Just remember, the rule is you have to imitate the kiss you’re shown.

6. Share a Story About the Couple

This is a great alternative that doesn’t exclude single people. It also helps break the ice to help everyone feel more connected at a wedding. If you’re a more shy or reserved couple this may not be the best option, but for the extrovert, outgoing couple this is a great option! 

7. Trivia About the Couple

This is a favorite at weddings we do! The couple provides us with a total of 30 questions and answers. 10 questions each about each individual in the couple, and 10 questions about them as a couple. The guests choose their category (individual A, B, or the couple), and if they answer correctly the couple kisses, if they answer incorrectly, they kiss someone or sing a love song.

8. Draw Names from a Hat/Jar/Bowl

name tags and markers

This is a great option to prepare while you’re tallying your RSVPs. Write down the names of the couples that will be in attendance, put them in a container, and draw names from the hat during dinner! There should be a roughly 10:1 ratio of guests to the couple of honor kissing. For example, if you have 100 couples at your wedding, there should be 10 slips in the hat saying “bride/groom, bride/bride, groom/groom” kiss!

9. Guess That Song

Girl handing headphones to you

There are lots of ways you can play this game. Based on who you have for a DJ they will make this game better or more run-of-the-mill. Our couple’s favorite? Well, you’ll need to have your wedding with us to find out! If the guest answers correctly, the couple kisses, if they answer incorrectly, they kiss someone.

10. Pop Quiz

Are you passionate about a certain subject? Movies, music, pop culture, sports, or random facts? Quiz your guests on your favorite topic!

The next 8 options can combine the first 10!

11. Balloon Pop

Bouquet of Balloons

Write down a mix of the activities above on small pieces of paper, stick them inside the balloons, and get them filled. A guest pops a balloon, and follows the instructions on the slip of paper. Some of the balloons should have a “couple shares a kiss” for our couple of honor. 

12. Plinko Board

You know what to do! Warning, this game will get played a lot.

13. Spinning Wheel

Warning, this game will get played a lot.

14. Cornhole Toss

This game can be managed a few different ways. One is where a hole shot = couple shares a kiss, while a board shot = something else. A complete miss can mean something else.

Another way is that each hole shot something different happens. Guests play until they get one in the hole, and the MC announces what the current shot will trigger. Again, you can use the ideas above in the list for inspiration!

15. Putting Green

Pink socks, brown shoes, and plaid shorts. Getting ready for a putt.

Also can be played multiple ways. One way is where everyone gets just one putt. Depending on how close they get to the hole will trigger different activities they may end up doing. Of course, sinking the putt results in the couple kissing.

Another way is to let each guest putt until they make it into the hole. Their stroke count will indicate what happens. Hole in 1 is the couple sharing a kiss, hole in 2 means they give a piece of marriage advice, etc.

16. Pick a Card

Get a cork board and some cards, or even just pieces of paper. Inside the cards or paper write what the activity that will happen if a guest draws that card. Pin the cards to the cork board, and let your guests play this game of chance!

17. Blackjack

Deck of cards

MC is the dealer. A 21 is a kiss for the couple. When the guest gets a bust they have to kiss someone. You can also have different ranges of point values mean different things too. For example 15-20 could be where the guest does a lip sync performance!

18. Beer Pong

Red Solo Cup

We recommend NOT filling these with alcohol, or making your guests drink from them. Especially during the Pandemic! 

On the bottom of each cup write a number. Then have a sheet that your MC holds onto that indicates what each number means. i.e. 5=give a piece of wedding advice.

When the guests sinks a cup, they check the number, and the matching activity on the list happens. Cups ARE eliminated as they’re sunk, so this is a great option for limiting how much interaction happens during dinner.

19. Kiss Once and Be Done!

Neon Sign spelling the word KISS

Let that first glass tap happen, and, when it does, share a kiss to remember! After that make sure your MC instructs your guests that that was the only kiss during dinner.

There are lots of ways you can personalize or change the kissing game at your wedding! I hope this list gives you some ideas, or helps you think of your own. If you have any suggestions to add to this list please leave them in the comments on this blog post!

SoundFire DJ is an in-demand wedding entertainment & DJ service that helps couples with their events in Door County, Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, Sheboygan, Milwaukee, the rest of Wisconsin, and even the Upper Peninsula! The kissing game barely scratches the surface to how we can personalize your once-in-a-lifetime event. Get in touch to learn how we can help with your wedding!

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