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Brock & Mariah’s Wedding 8/11/18 – Stone Harbor Resort

August 12, 2018

Marian & Brock at Stone Harbor Resort 8/11/18

This wedding was one for the record books in terms of how amazing everything was, and how much fun you could tell everyone had. The day started sunny & breezy on the west lawn of Stone Harbor where the ceremony took place. With a beautiful view of the canal set as the backdrop guests were quickly filling the couple hundred seats they had set out. Among some ambient music to set the mood, our wedding party prepped for their entrance. The music briefly paused, and the wedding party entered. Just before the bride’s processional, the music paused again only to be replaced by the sound of Detroit muscle as Mike Rankin escorted his daughter to the ceremony site in his classic ‘Cuda muscle car.

The audience gave their first of many thunderous cheers for our couple that day. Music resumed, and the ceremony took place with ease.



In between ceremony and reception guests were invited to check into their hotel rooms, and explore some of the nearby sights along the canal. At 5pm cocktail hour took place outside the pool at the resort where guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and drinks. At 10 minutes to 6 our guests were invited inside to the reception hall where they would find their seats and prepare for the Grand Entrance of the wedding party.

Part of our preparation for special occasions, especially weddings, is to learn more than just the names of the VIPs. We want to know the relationships, their favorite hobbies, how they met the couple, etc., and we use this information to give charming, personalized introductions for each bridesmaid & groomsman in the wedding party.

After the Grand Entrance, we turned the microphone over to our couples’ parents for opening toasts and words of thanks. During dinner, in order to get the bride & groom to kiss, guests shared stories about Mariah & Brock!

Following dinner we heard toasts from the wedding party, witnessed a special presentation put together by Josh Thompson of Josh Thompson Media, and began our dance by sharing the love story of Mariah & Brock. Sharing the love story has become one of my favorite things to do for my couples at their weddings. It’s something we put together very carefully, and have actually received professional mentoring on both composition and performance to make sure it is always delivered exceptionally well.

SoundFire DJ Brilliance Option at Stone Harbor Resort

The Brilliance Option with our new Video DJ Booth!
After a few beautiful moments filled with Mariah & Brock’s first dance, as well as a dance with their parents to honor their families, we brought the wedding party out to get the dance started. By the end of the first song the dance floor was packed, and it stayed that way all night! Here are a few pics. As a note, one feature exclusive to the Brilliance option is UV lighting, so you’ll notice some of our guests are glowing!



Did the party last all the way to the stroke of midnight? Oh yes! Here’s a clip of the last song of the night:
Of course, when it was all finished, we asked the guests to capture the end of the night in one epic group shot!

I’d say they had a pretty magical day!

A special shout out deserves to go to the following amazing professionals with whom we worked with closely to help make the day:
Josh Thompson Media
Jenn with Magdalene Photography
Stone Harbor Resort

Do you want an unforgettable experience like this at your wedding?

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  1. Hands down would do it again! Sound fire DJ ROCKED IT! Thank you Alton. Everyone commented on how awesome the DJ was, as well as Josh Thompson an Jenn, and Jenn Magdalene Photography. Well worth the money spent! Stone Harbor was amazing and flowers by Rebecca Braschniwitz We’re beautiful!

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