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Don’t get a photo booth until you read this!

April 26, 2014

Moderated Photo Slideshow

So, you’re planning your wedding, and when you get to the part where you choose your wedding DJ & entertainment you think to yourself, “Hmmm, I was at a wedding where there was a photo booth, and I really liked that.”

Photo booths have been a popular option for a number of years now.  However, photo booths have a lot of limitations.  For starters they don’t work with all of the great technologies we use today.  They are also a bit of a distraction from the party since only so many people can fit into them at once, people usually have to leave the dance floor to use them, and they often times don’t match your decor which can make them a bit of an eyesore.

Custom Instruction Cards

Photo booths don’t capture the story of your night.  There are no candid moments in a photo booth, and the candid pictures that show genuine expression are always the best pictures.  So who or what does capture the story?  Most hired photographers don’t stay past the first couple spotlight dances of a reception.  If you remember, people used to get disposable cameras and rely on their guests to just pick them up and start shooting with them.  Usually what would happen is that people took a few shots then set them down and forgot about the disposable camera.  If you were lucky a couple people actually used up the all of the film in the cameras, but the pictures typically didn’t turn out very well.

Better than a Photo Booth

We now live in the times where most people have smartphones, and most people are shooting pictures and videos with them constantly.  Especially at parties!  Think about it.  As soon as something interesting starts happening at least 10 people have a smartphone out recording video or still pictures.

Your wedding day is a day where you want to soak up every moment, and be able to recall those moments for the rest of your life.  Not only that, but people want to be able to share their moments on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

At SoundFire DJ we see the value in bringing the photo booth concept into the 21st century.  That’s why we’ve partnered with Eversnap to bring our clients the best solution for capturing the story of their night.

Your event captured from many angles.

Eversnap makes it easy for your guests to automatically upload the pictures they take with their smartphone throughout the evening to a dedicated album for your event.

What’s also great about it is that you can start using it as soon as you start the journey of planning your wedding.  Dress fittings, cake tastings, venue scouting, engagement photos, and more can all be captured to preserve those memories, and capture the story.  Also, for the night of your reception, we can run a live slideshow of your photos that not only include the pictures leading up to your wedding night, but also updates LIVE as people take pictures at the reception!  Eversnap also moderates every slideshow to ensure that only appropriate pictures make it into the album as well.  So just in case a certain former Packer quarterback shows up at your wedding and gets too happy with his camera phone . . . Eversnap makes sure that picture doesn’t make it onto the big screen.

Eversnap is one of the great finishing touches we offer for your celebration.

There’s so much more we could share with you about this awesome service, so give us a call, and experience the difference!

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