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Its been a great year so far, wedding season start, continued education, and UPGRADES!!

May 5, 2016

Prime Wedding Season Kick Off

Prime wedding season has already begun and is going well!  We have lots of events, final meetings, and more on our calendar coming up.  I feel truly blessed to be a part of every one of our couples’ wedding day.  It’s an honor and a privilege serving every single one of you, and I want to thank those who have had their wedding already this year, and for those yet to come!  I also want to thank all of the couples that have already booked us for next year, and are inquiring for 2018 already!


We believe at SoundFire DJ that continuing education is paramount to continued success through exceptional service.  In the past 2 months alone we have attended major conventions both regionally and nationally to learn and study with some of the best professionals in the country, and even some from outside the country.  SoundFire DJ is one of the very few providers in the STATE that has been in attendance to both Mobile Beat and Midwest DJs Live this year.  Not only does the fact that we attend these conferences, and continuing our education put us in the top 5% of DJs nationwide (top 1% in the state), but our clients said it loud and clear with their reviews leading to us winning the WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Award for 2016!  
In just the past year alone I’ve had the pleasure of learning from some amazing people such as:
Alan Dobson
Andy Ebon
Michael Buffer
Scott Silz
Randy Bartlett
Peter Merry
Alan Berg
Vicky Musni
Dennis Jones
Darnyelle Jervey
Mike Walter
Curtis Whipple
Matt Radicelli
Joe Bunn
Rob Peters
John Beck
Arnoldo Offerman
Justin Miller
Matt Martindale
Mitch Taylor
Tom Haibeck
Jon Taffer
Jason Spencer
David Louis
Jorge Lopez
Jim Cerone
Todd Mitchem
Geoffrey Sandler
Bill Hermann
Jake Palmer
Sam Fleming
Mike Petritis
and more…

I’m sure some of those names you immediately recognize, and some you would need to look up.  The point I’m trying to make is this:  If you’re considering hiring a DJ ask the DJs where they get their education.  I’m willing to bet most can’t name more than a few people, and if they say they learn on the job through years of experience, as opposed to getting education, they’re only learning enough to keep people from leaving.  It’s also saying they used people’s events as practice rather than properly preparing for your event.  Doing just enough so people won’t leave is barely a minimum requirement.  Playing music people will dance to is also a minimum requirement.  Inspiring people to have fun, laugh, smile, and making an event truly “once in a lifetime” based on each couples’ ideal vision is the goal.  That’s the goal we are dedicated to at SoundFire DJ.

New things coming this year!

As always we are constantly working on ways to improve our show!  I spent roughly 50 hours reprogramming our light show from the ground up.  Let’s just say your dance floor is going to be EPIC!  We’ve made some other changes too.  We listened to our guest’s feedback, and have eliminated certain wash light fixtures we were told were “too bright” by replacing them with even better looking fixtures that produce plenty of light while being easy on the eyes even when looking right at the fixture.  This change in primary wash fixture also has the added benefit of more consistent white balance so photographers and videographers can achieve better color consistency when we use our white lighting for fill light during your spotlight dances.  The other benefit is the really cool moving lights that create motion in the room are further enhanced by this softer lighting.

Also, for venues that have the space, we have increased the size of our trussing system from 8’x8′ to 11’x13′ for our Premier service.  Again, this is dependent on the amount of space the venue has in the performance area.  What this does is creates an even more impressive look and feel by getting the light fixtures higher in the air, and spread out more to really improve coverage.  All couples who have selected our Premier option will be receiving this upgrade (again, space permitting)!  Streamlined+ remains relatively unchanged, and Streamlined will be receiving a small upgrade in its look, but we can’t say what it is yet (stay tuned).  

​We have some other upgrades (a couple that are going to be pretty huge) planned for this year too that we will share as they arrive.  Be sure to subscribe to our Facebook page to stay up to date on our announcements (when liking our page on a mobile device be sure to click “Following” to follow our posts in your news feed and select “See First”, or from a computer hover over “Liked” and turn Notifications “All On”).  Thanks for reading, and we look forward to helping you “Experience The Difference” with us soon!

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