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November 5th, 2016 – Groose Wedding

November 8, 2016

PictureAlton Olson & Mike Rakovszky

Our last wedding of the main wedding season!

What a way to send things off!  We had such an incredible time with the DuFrane’s & the Groose families.  They had a beautiful reception up at The Carrington, which is part of The Landmark Resort, in Egg Harbor (our second time being up there this year).  What was also very special about this event is Mike Rakovszky from Advanced Entertainment DJ service came along to co-chair the event under the SoundFire DJ flag.  It’s something special when DJ companies can work together to help bring an amazing experience to each other’s events.

Our couple had their ceremony service at a nearby church, and then the doors for their guests opened at 5pm for the reception.  Guests were immediately greeted with tasteful selections of Adult Contemporary music based on Adam & Megan’s requests, and music we expertly curate based on their tastes.

Right before we began dinner …

we had a private cake cutting with the wedding party, and then introduced their wedding party in grand style!  Immediately following we shared our couple’s love story which painted the picture of how they met, how their relationship developed, and illustrated, through words, the moment when they got engaged.  We were able to pull everyone in the room into the experience our couple had leading up to that day, and then tie everyone in that room into being part of the continuation of that story which we were creating that night.

I’m delighted to share that this resulted in an amazing evening for Mr. & Mrs. Groose, and we put together this short video to wish them a big congratulations!

With love,
Alton Olson
​SoundFire DJ

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