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October 1, 2016 Weekend – Lots of news to report:

October 2, 2016

First, as has been in the news the past couple weeks, Jerika Bolen passed away on 9/22/2016.  Exactly 2 months since we had the honor of providing the entertainment for her prom.  This past Saturday Jerika had her funeral, which was kept private in lieu of all the attention her story had received.  Sadly, we were not able to attend due to our commitments to our couples.  Everyone here at SoundFire DJ sends our deepest condolences to Jen Bolen along with other family & friends of Jerika.  

We didn’t get to know her for very long, but she left an impression on us that will stay with us for a lifetime.

Jerika’s obituary can be found here.

Our events:

We had two amazing events this past weekend.  That’s right, SoundFire DJ is growing, and we’re doing so 
in a very careful way to maintain our high standards of quality both in performance and presentation, along with providing the flexibility we have offered our clients all along!

Alton, the owner, was at the Shawano County Park Pavilion for the wedding of Nicholas & Katie Lucier helping them to have a night of a lifetime filled with beautiful memories as we shared their love story, and directed the night to accommodate a very diverse group of guests & special dances.  Here is a brief video we put together to wish them a congratulations!

We also want to share with you this photo that Adam Shea, of Adam Shea Photography, captured of Nicholas & Katie during their first dance.  Adam & Alton coordinated together to create this epic shot of our couple in an effort to, once again, help create memories to last a lifetime.  

Bayport 2016 Homecoming

SoundFire DJ was contacted this past August to work with Bayport High School to provide entertainment for their 2016 Homecoming Dance! We were very excited to work with them, and are excited to be providing entertainment for their Snowball dance this winter. We are in talks already about providing next year’s Homecoming entertainment as well; provided it is scheduled on a date we still have availability (next year’s September is completely booked minus Labor Day weekend, and that day is pending a decision from a couple as we speak, and early October is starting to book up as well).

SoundFire DJ brought on board the talents of Tyler Hooyman, Nate Losinski, and Serna Al aka DJ Baja to run the dance. Our equipment setup for this dance was nothing short of incredible. For lighting we had 10 moving heads, 4 wash lights, and our truss was illuminated in Bayport’s school colors. Our sound system had 4 dual 18″ subwoofer cabinets (yes, a total of 8 18″ low frequency drivers – the bass was insane), and we flew 4 2-way speakers from the truss to have the incredible skills of our DJ – Tyler come through with crystal clear audio over the 1300 students that were in attendance!

Here are some photos of the guys setting up (just for reference, Tyler, pictured bottom left, is 6’6″ tall):

As the students started to trickle in, it didn’t take long for the fun to begin. (Video courtesy of DJ Baja)
Very quickly we had the place jumping.  In the student’s own words, it was a, “Lit Ho-Co!”
We love what we do here at SoundFire DJ!  

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