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SoundFire DJ at Badger State Brewery

July 9, 2018

West met Midwest on 7/7/18 for an epic celebration!

With one of the most beautiful days weather-wise we’ve had this summer, we were able to bring the celebration of a lifetime to Kirsten & Garo Masrelian at Badger State Brewing Company.

Our day began with arrival and setup at 10am, with one of the first things being rolled in was our new DJ booth.  (We’re still coming up with names for it.  If you have a sweet idea for a DJ booth name, leave it in the comments!)  Followed by the rest of our gear for the day.  The game plan for the day?  Ceremony outdoors on the lawn, followed by appetizers and drinks inside, the wedding party arrival after departing for photos, dinner, and dancing!    

When you have one of the best DJs in the Midwest, this is the slowest you'll ever see your dance floor.

This is the slowest the dance floor got all night, and it was the only time we could get a shot with only a few people so you could see our setup!
Why we titled this “West met Midwest…” is that our bride Kirsten is a native from De Pere, but our groom Garo, hails from Los Angeles!  Our couple met at a roulette table in Las Vegas of all places, and Garo, after being quite taken by Kirsten, moved to De Pere only 4 months after meeting Kirsten.  How do we know this?  Because we know their whole love story, and had the honor of sharing it with their guests with reactions of excitement, laughter, sentiment, and love.

In honor of our couple we prepared and delivered on several musical nuances to please both our Midwestern and West Coast guests.  I’d say the results turned out pretty well.

When it's after 10pm, and you remember that most weddings you're already on your way home.  But not this wedding, this one is different.

What our dance floor looked like the rest of the night!
It’s always our #1 focus to make sure our couples and their guests have the very best time possible.  The photo just above this text is taken after 10pm, and the energy stayed this high all the way up to our very last song of the night, and the encore song that followed.
After our night ended, we commemorated the moment with one last picture.  As a DJ, it’s one of the most satisfying things to see so many smiling faces from beginning to the end.  Check it out:
From all of us at SoundFire DJ, we’d like to wish Mr. & Mrs. Garo & Kirsten Masrelian the absolute best in their future together as husband & wife.  It was an honor to be a part of helping them make these amazing memories that they will take with them for the rest of their marriage.

Special shout outs to a few other wonderful professionals that were an integral part of their day:
Chefusion – caterer
Let it Rain Studios (Eric Johnson) – photographer

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