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SoundFire DJ exclusive!!

June 21, 2018

No, it’s not a corn hole toss game … Watch the video to see the reveal!!

We’re so excited to be bringing something special to our 2018 and beyond clients.  This will be for those who have chosen to work with Alton.  We will be working on getting Tyler hooked up with a booth too, but a date has not yet been determined.

To inaugurate our new video booth we’re going to be doing something special for all 2018 and 2019 clients that have booked with Alton before 6/30/18 – we’re going to give you a free animated monogram that will be displayed on the booth intermittently throughout your reception.  This is a $350 option we want to give as a thank you to those who have chosen to entrust their events with us.  That also means there’s still time to book with Alton to get this service!

Here’s the catch though, and while this should be common sense, we need to say it anyway.  The booth will only work for events where it will be compatible with the setting/venue.  For the most part that means that it will need to be a place that has rolling accessibility from where we unload all the way to where the booth will be placed.  It will not roll on grass or soft surfaces.  We will not be able to accommodate stages unless they have adequate ramp access, undersized elevators where the booth cannot fit, and absolutely no stairs.  

For venues where the booth is incompatible we will bring our tried & true setup, that our couples have loved for years, to rock your event.

Again, we are so excited to be bringing this new feature to SoundFire DJ, and use it as an amazing tool to enhance your event!  

See you soon!!

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