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We’ve gone and done it again! 2016 Upgrades!

June 5, 2016


A clean setup that allows you to see the DJ work their magic. Notice the pristine wire management (with over 70 ft of wiring used to connect power and control cables to the lighting alone). This picture was taken shortly after setup had been completed. The extra transport bags on stage were removed prior to guest arrival for an extremely clean appearance.
We’ve had a lot of positive feedback over the last year about our lighting panels in our Premier Package (the light bars on each side in the picture above).  People love the look, love that they’re not too bright when viewed directly, and photographers love that they put out a nice, neutral white light on command for when they need to get those important pictures.

So, with that in mind we made a very important change.  We got rid of the wash lighting that occupied the top of our trussing – seen on other pictures on our website (or if you had the Streamlined option the top of the t-bar), and now all of our system options will use this awesome lighting – even the Streamlined!  Another upgrade for the Streamlined option is NO MORE T-BARS!!  Now we have truss totems to give an even more professional look for your event (imagine the picture above without the top cross section).

For our Streamlined+ and Premier options we have also added the ability to make our truss structure longer and taller for larger dance floors and halls.  Pictured in this blog post above is our Streamlined+ service with the truss system lengthened side to side to properly fit the dance floor.  It looks amazing!  We wanted to give it the height extension too, but there was a chandelier that would have interfered.  Getting the lighting up higher covers more of your crowd, and makes the lighting look even more impressive.  

There’s more to come for 2016 upgrades, and we will announce them here!  If you haven’t done so already, please add our blog to your RSS feed, or if you would rather follow us on Facebook we also post these great updates there too (be sure to select the option to put our posts at the top of your news feed, or to get notifications when posts are made – we promise to only post great stuff).  Thanks for reading, and if you happen to be someone in need of an award-winning DJ service that knows how to put the amazing in your event, give us a call!

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