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Working on a Contract – Why it matters.

April 4, 2014

Why your wedding DJ should always use a contract.

We have received many calls over the years from people who have been in a very stressful situation.  It’s less than 2 months before their wedding, and their DJ backed out on them.

More often than not there are two factors that contribute to this scenario:  1) There was no contract between the client and the DJ.  2) The DJ got offered better pay to go play somewhere else.

Often times these are DJs that are hobbyists, and usually people find them on Craigslist.  We strongly advise anyone who reads this that if your wedding DJ currently advertises on Craigslist you should probably look elsewhere. 
Sometimes these wanna-be DJs get a little more clever and sign up on pay per lead websites where other professionals also post their services.  They may do fine at a birthday party, or a tailgate party, but a wedding is too important.  That’s why you should always check their references and testimonials, and meet with them in person before buying any services.

We also find that customers get themselves into these situations trying to save a buck on their entertainment.  Like the old adage says, “You get what you pay for.”  What’s even worse for these customers is that they usually lose out on whatever money they gave these wanna-be DJs since there are no written terms to dictate refund policies.  To be blunt, it sucks for the customer in two ways.  On one hand now the customer has to find a DJ last minute, and on the other is the fact that their DJ budget is now inflated because that cheap DJ just ran off with their money.  All of this can be avoided by hiring a professional provider in the first place.

Save some money on food and decorations (it’s been proven that your guests forget these things very quickly), and put that toward your DJ and photographer.  Those are two most important professionals you hire on your wedding day.  Your photos you will keep forever.  Your DJ will make sure people look happy and are having a good time when their picture is taken at your reception.

At SoundFire DJ we will always work on contract with you so your date is guaranteed.  We don’t base our service on price.  We base our service on value.  We offer a high level of customer service and reliability.  Our integrity and dedication to our customers comes first.

Call us today to book your event, and experience the difference!

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